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This material relies heavily on the Council of State Governments' Re-Entry Policy Council Report gives a national perspective on re-entry issues. The Report Preview contains concrete recommendations for developing programs.

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Elements of Successful

Finding Safe Places To Live

Breaking the Bonds of Addiction

Supportive Peer Community

Training, Education, and Jobs

Meaningful Relationships







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Finding safe places to live


  • Complex family situations, which may include a history of domestic violence and/or ambivalence about a family member’s return

  • Persons, places, and things from their old life can trigger and even actively promote old habits and maladaptive ways of coping, thus sabotaging recovery

  • Acute shortage of affordable housing

  • Exclusion of those with criminal records – and sometimes their families – from available public and low-income housing

  • Unwillingness of community members to accept housing units developed for people with criminal records

  • Lack of transitional and supportive housing