The Watkins Opportunity

Hello, I'm Peter Lehman and my Watkins team is a group of honest, friendly, hard-working family-type people from across the United States and Canada. I'm passionate about Watkins and don't believe in hype or in hiding the details of our business.

Many people just like you are turning their dreams into reality by deciding to make a change, deciding to work for themselves instead of someone else.

What Should You Do Next?

I encourage you to take the next step toward your some day and click here to request our free e-book

 Watkins offers you:

  • Unlimited income potential

  • No monthly sales quotas!

  • Minimal start-up fee

  • Freedom of work hours

  • Save considerable on your own groceries

  • One of the highest paid incomes in the Direct Selling Industry

  • Chance to start your own business without leaving your present job

  • Terrific income tax write-offs

  • 25% discount on your own purchases

  • Opportunities to win all-expense paid trips

  • More free time for you and your family

  • Recognition for achievements

  • Chance to look and feel better

  • Free training and support

  • Opportunity to make new friends

  • Performance Awards: earn exciting prizes!

  • Income bonuses for expanding your businesses

With no quotas and no minimums this is an absolutely “No Lose” unbeatable Opportunity!



Take the Next Step Toward Your Someday



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Peter Lehman

Growth Industry Maine

Your Independent Watkins Associate #362203
Thomaston, Maine
(207) 542-1496 ◊

The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent Watkins Associate who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins Incorporated.




Quality and Value from Watkins


Welcome to my Watkins store. I'm Peter Lehman and I am proud to be an Independent Watkins Associate. We feature the same kind of old fashioned quality and pride still found in Maine and Maine businesses like LL Bean’s. In 1869, Watkins offered America's first money-back guarantee—and we still have it. That's how confident and proud we are of the quality of our products. Best known for its award-winning cinnamon, black pepper and vanilla, Watkins carries a full line of natural, high quality, healthful oils and spices as well as other quality home products. Go shopping at Watkins or Request a Free Catalog. Please enjoy yourself.


Great Gifts

The quality of the Watkins products and packaging make them look expensive—just right for those special gifts. But the reality is quite different. Ounce for ounce, Watkins products are often less expensive than their counterparts at the grocery store. And still great for those special gifts.

What's coming up for you? Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, house warmings, or a host/hostess gift? We've got you covered. Create a basket or select one of ours.

And give yourself a gift of quality and value. Choose from a great selection in the:


Spices, herbs, soup and bread mixes, mustards, snack and dip seasonings, desert mixes, liquid spices, herbed oils, grilling sauces, teas and coffee, and more.


Special shampoos, conditioners, body oils and bubble baths, lotions, lip balms, foot cream and scrubs, powder, salve, skin elixir, and more.


Vitamins and herbal supplements, liniment, mouthwash, toothpaste, cough syrup, old-fashioned effective tonics, weight management systems, soy supplements, ointments, and more.


Home Care
Not just quality home care products but all natural plant-based cleaning products to protect the health of you and your family. Everything from Tub and Tile cleaner to furniture polish and laundry detergent. Essential natural oils and fragrances.


The Watkins story is unique

The Watkins Story began in 1868 with the vision of a 28-year-old entrepreneur, J.R. Watkins. In 1869 he introduced America's first money-back guarantee. From the beginning, the company emphasized quality. To meet demand, J.R. hired salesmen to market this growing line of products from home to home, thus founding the Direct Sales Industry.

“The Watkins Man” became an indelible part of the landscape as North America matured. In 1928, Watkins received Gold Medal honors at the Paris International Exposition for vanilla, black pepper, cinnamon and other ground spices; the award sealed the company's reputation for providing high-quality gourmet ingredients.

J.R.’s dream lives on in the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of today’s “Watkins Men and Women.” Watkins invites you to become part of this tradition.

More recently, millions of Americans were moved to tears by the story of Watkins Associate Bill Porter when it appeared on ABC's 20/20 program. In fact, it received the largest viewer response of any show in the history of 20/20. More recently, many millions more were emotionally touched by the TNT Cable Channel's original motion picture about Bill Porter.

Bill was born in 1932 with cerebral palsy. At that time, society sent a clear message that people with Bill's condition couldn't hope for any level of success or independence. But Bill, who was encouraged by his mother, refused to give up.

Eventually, Bill became the top selling Watkins man in the Northwest---and he did it all with door-to-door selling, even though his physical challenges made every step painful. He continued his daily trek for decades, creating a successful life for himself.

Same company. Same quality. Same pride.


Take the Next Step
Toward Your Someday