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The Writing Coach

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Constructive feedback

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You have excellent ideas,
and are always improving them.

You have excellent research,
and are always improving it.

You need excellent writing,
and are always improving it.

I can help.


No Red Ink. Red says "stop." It is negative. It is judgmental and shaming. Red ink discourages the process of development and positive revision. Coaching must be positive and encouraging, helping the performer take the next step forward.

Collaborative. A good editor works with a writer, helps hone and clarify ideas and helps strategize presentation. A good editor enters into a substantive dialogue with the writer and the work. A writing coach is a good editor.

For experts.  This process is not for novices. Professional athletes have the most excellent and most effective coaches. It should be the same for writing and teaching. The mark of the excellent coach is inspiring and assisting excellence. At whatever level.

The mark of the excellent athlete is seeking and valuing coaching. The mark of the excellent writer and teacher is seeking and valuing coaching and collaboration.

Coaching. The role of the Writing Coach is to nurture progress: to help YOU find YOUR words to say what YOU want to say and communicate effectively. To give feedback, and suggestions, and encouragement as you become more and more expert in YOUR work and YOUR writing.

Coaching is like gardening--a coach facilitates growth. Gardeners don't make plants grow. They don't grow the plants. The PLANTS grow. The gardener's job is facilitating and witnessing that growth.

I am an excellent, experienced professional
sociologist and teacher.

Most importantly, I am an excellent coach.

I can help.

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